Acid Rain

For most of the region the main problem of environmental pollution is the acid rains.
Such region units such kinds of events as there are acid fog, acid snow, and etc. It means that there is existence of the acid amount in the atmosphere moisture and it has the damage influence on the environment. The event of the acid rain was described by Angus Smith in Britain in 1 800 year and before 1 950 year this fact was forgotten. This process meant that the acidity was increased of the water of the rain much more than it has the natural rain itself.
There are two main components of acid rain; they are: sulphate acid and nitric acid. Sometimes it happens so that the acid rain comes from far way distance from the territory where there is the source of the pollutants. So the problem of the acid rains is not restricted only one or two countries because very often it can move to the big distance with large scales. For example: The most amounts of the acid rains come in Norway, Sweden, and in Nederland and it is caused from the oxides of sulphate and nitric in other countries.
The acid raise has very bad influence on the flora and fauna. The increase numbers of the acid causes the fish number smaller. Only the very little amount of the fish can live in the acid water and continue their reproduction.

The last period it was apparent that the air pollution can have the importantly bad influence on the forest; coming out from this fact it reveals the forest decrease.

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