Air pollution in Georgia and it's results

The evaluation of atmpospheric air in Georgia demands special attention because the country' relief conditions, no existence of parallel transport highways, heavy traffics in settled places causes high level of its pollution with harmful materials.

In the recent years the stop of the greatest part of industrial plants decreased the pollution to 3%. But in exchange increased the number of transport, and that made 97% of pollution. According to the date in 1999, every sphere of pollution gave 555 000 tones of polluted materials harmful to mans heath. The excessiveness of harmful materials in the atmospheric air increases due to transport increase. It must also be mentioned the fact, that pollution atmospheric air with lead has become an important problem. The researches made on Tbilisi highways (D.Agmashenebeli, Queen Tamar's Avenue).showed that the lead containing in the atmospheric air on those excessive districts was of a more quantity than it was in suburbs. As it is known the lead is gathered in bone-cells, it delays vitamin D and interferes the calcium metabolism in children. Lead existence in the city atmospheric air is caused by ethyl petrol usage. Ethyl petrol burns in the engine, it produces non-organic admixture which then appear in the air with exhaust Fumes. When the foreign scientist studied the healthy position of auto-inspections in the streets, it was discovered that, everyone had problems in blood and urine. Like more lead containing, changes of bone brain, genetic apparatus. There is no doubt about the fact that excessive concentration of heavy metals cause and support oncologic diseases. Special attention attracts the spread of diseases of breathing organs in children.
From burning one litre petrol 750 grams of harmful materials are produced.
So it's necessary to take immediate measures to protect the air. In foreign expert's opinion Georgia has no own norms of trans-port exhaust fumes and uses the laws of former Soviet Union, which aren't suitable for European standards. To their mind Tbilisi atmospheric position tends to go worse and the main lot of its pollution will come from transport fumes.

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