Atomic Explosion In Khirosima And Nagasaki

On August 6 in 1945 year by The Japan time at 7:16 after the atomic explosion the city Khirosima became the flame of blast-furnace. The people who were 30/40 kilometers away from the very place heard the unexpected hard explosion voice and then they saw the dazzling flame (emanation.) The people who were at 300 meter radius of the place where the explosion took place were evaporated, burnt so that they even could not fell on the ground. The people who were 1 kilometer distance from the explosion area took the fatal doze of the emanation. They got such face burnt that the faces looked like the pieces of meat. The people who were in the very center of the explosion and who were hiding themselves in the shelter could not be survival. The people who were 1.5 kilometer far away got the hardest burnt, and people who were more far away distance were dead under the destroyed buildings. The fire storm that came after the explosion burnt everything on the territory of 10 kilometer. The other people in Khirosima who were alive doomed to slow and tortured death. Khirosima did not like the city after the war period it looked like it was end of the universe. It was the city of torture and misery where it was the moaning and cry of the dying persons. During the atomic explosion there lived 430 000 (four hundred and thirty thousand) people in Khirosima. According to the statistic of 1946 year 78 150 (seventy eight thousand and one hundred fifty) person died. Without leaving a trace 13 983 (thirteen thousand nine hundred eighty three); gravely diseased 9428 (nine thousand four hundred twenty eight) the light damage has been got 27 997 (twenty seven thousand nine hundred ninety seven); the different kinds of damages has been got 176 987 (one and seventy six thousand nine hundred eighty seven); total number of damage persons are 306 545 (three zero six thousand five hundred forty five).

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