Chernobyl Atomic Electrical Plant Explosion

Radiation started leaking in the 3rd energy block of Chernobyl Atomic Electrical Plant on April 25 in 1986 year. This block had to stop working for the technical operations, but unexpectedly for all the staff the energy block did not obey the standard action and it did not stop. In the reactor the temperature was rising little by little and with a lot of tries the process was not stopped. Everything was on fire, and on Saturday on April 26 it was two explosions the result was the fact that the solid metal share was torn to pieces and 180 tone of ignition uranium rushed outside.
On April 30, the staff of the “Formark” of Swedish Atomic Plant fixed the hard nuclear radiation, which were coming from the clouds moving from the eastern part. During these four days whiten burning hot uranium was being burnt in the reactor of Chernobyl atomic electrical plant. The large number of the territory was announced unusable. It was needed reactor to be buried. For this condition from the helicopter the concrete and broken leads were thrown down. After the explosion 10 000 (ten thousand) people was died. The radiation clouds coming out from Chernobyl poisoned the soils floras and faunas of the European countries.
In the Scandinavian countries there were killed 40 000 (forty thousand) poultries. There were killed 30 000 (thirty thousand) ship in England. The thousands of liter of milk were poured out in German. It was done the prognosis by the specialists came from the foreign countries that during the future 70 years that almost half of the million people will be suffered from the cancer, and in 10 years there will be almost 75 000 (seventy five thousand) people in Europe who are predestined for death. The quality of the pollution is shown at map.

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