Influence of environmental factors

Protecting health needs keep environment and its rehabilitation in the case, when the environment is under destroyable influence caused by manís activities and natural catastrophes. According to the countries World Health Organization published the analysis of the influence of environmental factors on manís health. The factor emerged a great difference between countries and showed that itís possible to improve the manís health by reducing such environmental factors as pollution, dangerous working environment, ultraviolet radiation, noise, climate and ecosystem changes. The new data showed that by health improving, we will prevent the death of 13 million people annually in the world. Only in Europe we can avoid 20%of death by taking suitable measures for healthy environment. The death causing reason in 23 countries of the world in more that 10%cases in connected to two factor of environment pollution: safeless water and polluted air. The main victims of these are children under five. The 74% of their death is caused by diahrea and respirator infections.
The environment influence is a special problem for children, in the world annually 10million Children (among them 3 million under 5) die of these factors. This become the reason of receiving the heath protecting world organization plan of European regional countries : ďThe environment and the healthĒ. In 2004.

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