Land pollution with oil products

The oil transporting corridor passes though the territory of Georgia. The territory of Georgia forms the corridor between Azerbaijani boarder and the Supsian terminal, so special attention must be paid to protect the conditions of oil-pipe exploitation in order to get rid of the ecological problems, which may be caused by pouring the oil on the land in the case of oil-pipe infliction. For special sensitiveness towards the anthropogenic stresses known almost every district in subtropical regions especially the western-central part of the Kolkheti plain. There in the conditions of great numbers of atmosphere sediments by the reason of high level of soil waters local negative ecological processes may appear, especially, pouring the territory with these waters, which may cause great difficulty to local residents. It is remarkable that the water leaking in the layer of soil may be mixed with the water mixed with oil coming from an incorrect exploitation of the terminal, which will essentially pollute the soil waters. Special attention must be paid to those regions, where the highway passes through the state preserves. More change of any component of nature (soil, waters, climate, flora and fauna) may cause not only the breakdown of the ecological balance, but the development of irreversible processes in these natural alcoves.

In the place of poured oil a certain thickness of coat may form, which will interfere the process of steaming the water from the soil surface and this will break the years regime of the thermal valley and humidity of surface layer of air. Besides this itís remarkable the often drought characteristic to Imereti region gives convenient conditions to create easily flashable surrounding, so by mixing the surface lower layers of the air with oil-burning components the possibility of fires will increase.

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