In the last years the there takes place big number of technical catastrophes, which can cause the development of the irreversible processes in the nature and that can have the irremediable influence on the people. The environmental pollution is possible by the bad chemical absorption in the territory where is chemical industry high level; though the large scale catastrophes is held in the under developed countries. There is not possible to have the technology processes full protection because of its high prices. For example: in 1984 year in India after shading of the chemical absorption from the factory it was the one of the most techno genius catastrophe in the world. After this fact 3 000 (three thousand) people was died and 500 000 (five thousand) of the people were damaged.
During the last years in the politics of the environmental protection of Euro Union the waste problem has the most important place. Also in our country managing of the waste is the actual problem. The ideal decision of all this is to get rid of the waste and if there is waste which we can not get rid of; it must be recycled. After the secondary recycle; it decreases the demand on the new waste disposal; environmental pollution, the industry gets the valuable rough materials, which helps to preserve natural resources. The preservation of the natural resources is the important element for the country solid development. In Georgia only City Rustavi and its chemic industries form the potential danger.
Rustavi – is the republican submission town, it is the administration centre of the kvemo Kartli Region. Rustavi is the main industrial city of Georgia after Tbilisi.

In Western Europe there are many such kinds of industries where the waste is burnt and from it is produced thermal energy which is used for the cities heating. All over the world 39% of spoilt-sheet is spent artificially. One tone of spoilt-sheet that is spent artificially keep alive 17 or 19 full-aged trees.

There are such remainders in waste disposal that may be recycled. The good example is to prepare polyethylene bags which are made from the remainder of the food products. In the block factory there are recycled slag, remainders of building materials and polyethylene. In the asphalt plant it may be recycled slag, remainders of building materials and oil-productions.

The healthy environment is the global problem and it is natural that our town is faced to this problem.

As the living level of a person rises as the remainders number become more much around him/her.

Remainder (residue) it is resource and it is possible by the usage of the without remainder technology to get the useful things from it. Domestic and industrial remainders – the old things (materials): furniture, clothes, newspapers, polyethylene bottles, tins and etc. not only pollute the environment but their withdrawing into the rivers and lakes make great danger for the living organisms.

This is also danger for the health of the people. The Black Sea main sources of the pollution and the mechanisms of the biological influence are:
1.Oil and oil-products.
2.Domestic and sewer waters.
3.Toxic chemicals and fertilizations.
4. Waste disposals in the coastal strip.
5. Radioactive materials.
6. Heavy industry remainders.

If there is not work out the system how to make the lackness and recycle remainders the intensity of the ecology catastrophe will be enlarged.
The project is fulfilled in several cities in Georgia. One of the project is worked out in the city of Rustavi. The activation of the pupils of the secondary school № 5 is the cause of this project. The similar project is working out also in Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Chakvi and etc.


According to this project in our city on the school territory, in front of the blocks of flats on the piloting territory containers for different kinds of waste will be placed. House hold remains will be bought from residents and the sum will be given to the school and local residents. They will decide how to spend the money for necessary needs.
Then the qualified remains would be brought recycled in a special plant, which is being built now. There the household remains: plastic bottles, corks, plastic bags and industrial remains will be recycled. The mass got from them will be poured intospecial shapes, after burning them we will take the sidewalk borders, piles, tiles. The manufacture will work without remains.

In the period of economic crisis many people will be imployed, this will economically support schools and the local residents. We will have a town ecologically clean. There is no plant like this is Georgia yet.

Secondary refinement plant – “Nika-2004” makes it’s first steps under the leadership of Mr. G. Lezhava. We with them success.

Society hasn’t yet advised the ecological problem, there is no ecological educational level.

Rustavi City / 2009

We think school is able to play it’s special role in this, because bringing up citizens and develop them civil conscious begins from school.

Because of this in our school share was held about how to protect the nature. There were discussions between high graders - “The kindness of secondary refinement of remains The students made a school newspaper.

At the Informatics lesson the students did the homework, made booklets about the topic: “Nature is a ruler”.

These booklets and advertisement papers were given to city residents.

The project participants sent thousands of these papers to the students in Georgia and abroad by e-mail.

The students painted on the asphalt “Save the nature.”

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