1. What sort of secondary refinement (remains) exists in Rustavi?
2. Where is the product produced?
3. When did it start?
4. How is it developed? (scale)
5. What is the profit?
6. How much secondary hand refinds do you produce?
7. What’s the harm (while processing)?
8. Stattistics (abote profit)
9. What is the public opinion (buisness, investors)?
10. How are remains gathered and what is the influence on people’s health?
11. What sort of product will be produced?
12. What is the link with the fitst hand production?
14. How many secondary refined plants are in Georgia?
15. What will remains be?
16. Will there be a loss (while processing)
17. Why did you become interested in this question?
18. Who are sponsors (country, personal)?

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