The global warming

The global warming is a world problem. The exhaust fumes from the carbon-dioxide and from other heating airs in Bangalor cause as much problems to the world as they do to Birmingham, U.K. or Birmingham, Alabama. We mustn’t save our energy to help such economically – developed countries as India and China to solve these problems.


Britain’s Prime Minister – Tony Blair announced, that the global warming puts the world under the great risk and this is equal to world wars and great depression. Britain’s Prime Minister made this announcement in London at the presentation of the work by Nicholas Stern – the leading economist of the world bank. His work refered to protecting problems of nature. In the work containing 700 pages, he said that the climate changing will do a big harm to world economy, which may cause the fall between 5 and 20 % of the world’s annual joint products. According to this research, in the 21 century the air temperature may rise by 5 degree and this may cause unprecendented flood and make 200 million people live their houses.

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