The greens movement of Georgia

The Greens Movement of Georgia / Friends of the Earth –Georgia represents a non-governmental organization. Their aim is to defend humanitarian and ethnocultural environment and fight to improve the ecological conditions as well as to propagandize and improve the ecological knowledge in wide society. They try to eradicate the technocratic dependence towards the nature, inculcate environmentally safe technologies and to form stable society.


The Greens Movement of Georgia is a popular environment protection organization -founded in 1989. They carry out concrete environment protection projects. Organization works out the models of alternative development of timber industry, ecological architect and other different spheres. Public discussions, practical environment protection activities, legislative initiatives about these project are systematically held.

The greens movement of Georgia successfully works with Georgian and Foreign partners . Organization implemented successful campaigns against the building of a big hydroelectric power stations.

In 1995 the members of the Greens Movement insisted to make changes in the third paragraph of Georgians constitution and new point was added: “A human has a right of getting complete, objective and timely information about the environmental conditions on the territory he lives and works.”

With the initiative and support of former minister - Goga Khachidze “The Green Club” was formed. Hundreds of students are enrolled in this club. They are students from different Institutes. For the first time the members of the club gathered to join a share – “Polyethylene - Enemy of Nature” on the international volunteer day – December 5. Most of the youth showed interest about ecological questions.

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